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Medicine Importing & Exporting Services
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Medical East Company

Medical East Company is a consultancy and mediation company.  Using her wide range of experience and broad network & helps identify new markets with a focus on the actual implementation. Together with you, we develop a suitable solution. We will be your partner when you consider entering the new market.
For startups to combine knowledge and experience. Background information on both countries. We absolutely ensure that our representatives are familiar with cultural nuances, commercial practices, Dutch & Arabic languages and business etiquette in Netherland & Middle East countries.

About the Founder

Drs. Munawar Alzoubi

A leader and expert in the pharmaceutical industry. She spent, almost, her entire life working in the industry and in bridging the trade gaps and strengthening the relationships between the Netherlands and the Middle East area. Having lived in the Middle East and Netherlands for decades enabled her to understand both countries’ strengths, cultures and business norms. Drs. Munwar utilized her skills to open new communication channels between business leaders in the industry and to help them in understanding the challenges and the opportunities of both worlds.

Drs. Munwar holds a Doctoral Degree of pharmacy from University of Utrecht, Netherlands & Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemsitry from University of Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.